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We are still in business!

We are working out of our storage location at

948 Doster Road


You will find us a quarter mile south of the marina

by Pine Lake Grocery.


Demolition is done and the site is clear.  A trailer has been delivered and it will be set up as an office on site.

  The gas pump is operational and we are pumping gas from 12:00 - 5:00 PM Wedensday thru Monday.  The lakeside trailer will be closed on Tuesdays.

The Service Center is open 6 days a week operations will be handled out of our Storage Lot - the phone number is the same 269-685-8690.  

We are hopeful to have a building up this summer.  Allegan County and the DEQ have been very cooperative in helping us move this along.  "Thank you" to all of you who have donated time, money, and resources to our efforts.  Lets all look forward to spring and a coming great summer.


On February 8th our Marina burned to the ground.  The loss of history and content is enormous but no one was hurt and we are working hard to come back in some form for the coming summer. We are getting quotes to rebuiltd and will move as quickly as possible to begin creating new summertime memories for our customers.  

There were no boats damaged and only a few customer items lost.  We are properly insured and will cover any customer losses.   We will still be renting boats and selling fuel this summer. 

We have always been thankful for your patronage and hope to see everyone again this year.  We are staying positive and looking forward to a fun summer for all. 

 We have set up shop at our storage lot a quarter mile south of the marina.  We are busy with repairs and getting all of your boats in the water right now.  Please stop by if there is anything we can do for you.  


If you would like to help us get rolling again we are looking for any of those old outboards or pieces of lawn equipment that we can part out and get items back on our online eBay store.  

Don't let it go to waste - we will pay more than you can get as scrap value and it allows someone else to make use of something instead of dropping it in a landfill. 


fire 3.JPGfire 7.JPG

If you see a fireman you should say thank you for all they do.  I have always had great respect for the People in uniform, police, armed service, fireman, and I include teachers in that comment.  I gained a greater level of respect for the people who stand in front of a fire and fight it.  The night was difficult to say the least for our families as we watched it all burn up. I will not forget the level of competence, courage, and physical effort that those departments showed that horrible night.  We owe a debt that will be difficult​ to repay and we can not say thank you often enough.  I will buy their coffee or pay for their meal every time I can afford to do so and would ask you to do the same.  They deserve it.

​​​​​​​​​​​​Enjoy your time on the lake! 

Pine Lake Boat & Motor has been a full service marina for over 80 years.


The products and services we offer are there to help you make the most

of your time on the water.  ​

Whether it is June or January - Welcome to Pine Lake Michigan!











 Here is an overview of the lake and where we are.  Lake depths can easily be seen for the fishermen​

 Pine Lake is 660 acres, with around 12 miles of shoreline.


 We sell Recreational Gasoline

Recreational gas is ethanol free, so it wont deteriorate your key engine parts.

We have both straight and 50:1 oil mixed gas.


Spring Hours

 Monday - Friday: 8 am to 5 pm

Saturday: 9 am to 5 pm


Map of our Location, Mapquest


Want to know more about what is happening on Pine Lake? 

Go to the Pine Lake Association Web Site.

Don't forget to get your fishing license​!​


​We carry vintage and current outboard parts for motors.



We acquired a collection of 140+ vintage outboards.


Neptune, Waterwitch​, Johnson, Evinrude, Mercury, Brooklure,

Lauson, Flambeau, Gale, Elgin, ​Martin, Champion,

Goodyear, Sea King, Elto, Wizard​, Chris Craft & More!


We will be adding these to our ebay store as they get tested.


Call in with your credit card and we will ship the next business day.  You can also use paypal, send a check, or walk on in.

We offer many parts well under retail, some below wholesale!

We have "new old stock parts" that span 8 decades for your OMC, Johnson, Evinrude or Mercury outboards.


Our inventory and prices are available for you, 24/7.  We ship within 48 hours of payment, usually quicker!  Your time on the water is precious and we want to get you running again as soon as possible.